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Now is the perfect time to start getting your car ready for winter. It may seem early, but it's always a good idea to prepare before the cold weather sets in, so that your car can be ready to provide a safe ride and great handling when winter arrives.

At our Sussex, NJ service center serving Warwick, we will gladly take care of your winter auto service needs. We have a top-notch service center and a team of skilled technicians who can take care of all your auto service needs.

Below, you can learn more about a few of the winter auto services that are most important for preparing your car for the cold, snowy weather in the West Milford area.

  • Oil change: Your car needs regular oil changes to keep your engine running smoothly. And since temperature changes can change the viscosity of your oil, it's a good idea to have your oil changed between seasons to ensure your engine has the right type of oil to function properly.
  • Tire change: Now is a great time for attire change. Putting snow tires on your car can help your vehicle maintain traction in all kinds of conditions, so you can drive safely.
  • Tire check: If you decide not to switch to snow tires, make sure your current tires are in good shape; check the tread and the tire pressure to make sure your tires are ready to provide a safe ride.
  • Battery inspection: Extreme temperatures can make your battery work less effectively, so it's important to have your battery checked before the cold weather arrives, to ensure it's in shape to work properly this winter.

Be sure to schedule winter auto service early, so that your car can be ready for when the cold weather arrives. Make an appointment at our Sussex, NJ service center serving Newton and Port Jervis. We will gladly take care of your auto service to make sure your car is ready for winter.

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