Do you have a vehicle that you'd like to sell? Let us know at Franklin Sussex Auto Mall because we'll buy your car, and you don't have to buy from us. Those in Sussex, Port Jervis and Newton, NJ are able to sell their car to our dealership and get money for your vehicle's value in a convenient process which saves you time!

You can use the same process you would if you were trading your vehicle in for a new or used option from our showroom. Our free, no-obligation tool allows you to get an estimated value on the vehicle you'd like to sell. All you have to do is submit the information needed and complete the form as best you can to get a better idea for what your vehicle's remaining value would be. You can take that form and arrange an appointment or come in and see us at the dealership during regular showroom hours and we'll verify the status and do our own quick appraisal to make sure everything matches up and aligns, then give you an offer on the car, truck or SUV you wish to sell to us. We make sure to provide fair value and competitive offers for your vehicle, and the decision is yours.

You're under no obligation to take the offer, and all our services are free, but we often find with the offers we give, many agree it's a quality choice, and you can get your money in about a day. This saves you time from creating your own listings and having to field calls from people all day about your car. We can handle getting you the money you want, plus the sale paperwork can be squared away easily and you can be on your way with cash for your car.

if you'd like to learn more contact us at Franklin Sussex Auto Mall today.

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