Jeep SUVs Offer Standout Features Teens Will Love


If there's one thing those of us who have young kids and teens know is that getting the right car that not only fits the demands of being a parent, but also has the features that they'll enjoy especially on long road trips in the summer is important. That's why we're here to highlight certain vehicles in our lineup that have quality features they'll enjoy: the Jeep Compass and Grand Cherokee.


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Come See the 2020 Ram 1500 at Franklin Sussex Auto Mall


You've got plenty of truck options in the Newton and Warwick areas, but here at Franklin Sussex Auto Mall, there's a solution that grabs the attention of everyone. It's the Ram truck lineup. In particular, there's the Ram 1500 and with the latest model on its LD DT platform, you're getting a lot of quality options which offers plenty of quality choices for the new model year.


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